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Microfibre drying robe

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Soggy doggies are a thing of the past with our cosy microfibre drying robe. They’re easy to put on your pup after a wet walk - simply pull the robe over their head and use the Velcro strips to fasten the wide band under their belly. 

Our drying robes come in four colours - purple, green, red, or blue with beige trim.

Please measure your pup carefully before ordering to make sure you get your paws on the right size. They come up smaller than you may expect 😊

Size  Band width (around belly) Back length (across back)
Neck circumference

Dog size (average)

S 40-54cm 35cm 31cm Toy
M 55-67cm 47cm 44cm French Bulldog
L 65-76cm 53cm 50cm Springer
XL 65-78cm 64cm 55cm Labrador
XXL 78-90cm 80cm 58cm Rottweiler